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 ## Jonathan Kollasch <jakllsch@NetBSD.org>  # Jonathan Kollasch
 I'm here, maybe I'll even make a [[todo]] list someday.  
   ## Unfinished Projects
   ### x86 UEFI kernel loader
   Building this for x64 UEFI requires the `ms_abi` function attribute introduced in GCC 4.4 or so.
   This project uses Intel UEFI headers and some existing FreeBSD work.
   Needs more work and cleanup, also toolchain updates.
   Work has been done using the OVMF BIOS images for Qemu.
   ### bcm47xx for evbmips
   Boots multiuser on NFS root, needs more work and cleanup.
   This project is on hold until there's a miniature userland that fits in 4-8MiB flash storage devices, on a flash-oriented file system.
   [[!template id=man name="bce" section="4"]] and [[!template id=man name="bwi" section="4"]] would need refactoring to be bus-independent.
   ### Conexant PCI DTV driver
   I have some code for 23880-3 and 887 host interfaces.
   This type of hardware is hard to find freely available docs for.
   Tuner/demod drivers from Linux could be ported, but would still be GPLed.
   Probably better to keep these drivers in userland.
   Should try to coordinate with what FreeBSD is doing: <http://wiki.freebsd.org/HDTV>.
   ### Memory-mapped PCI config access on x86
   Still need to figure out how pcitag_t will work for a 3rd mode that can't be switched on until after ACPI is initialized.
   Existing code I have assumes that no tags are generated until mmconf is turned on, which is not a reasonable assumption to make.
   ## Possible Projects
   ### AMD PowerNow/Cool'n'Quiet states loaded from ACPI tables

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