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Line 52  media 100baseTX up Line 52  media 100baseTX up
 inet6 2001:dead:beef:1::1 prefixlen 64  inet6 2001:dead:beef:1::1 prefixlen 64
 """]]  """]]
   ## Very basic pf rules for NAT and firewalling
   [[!template  id=programlisting text="""
   $ cat /etc/pf.conf
   nat on $ext_if from !($ext_if) -> ($ext_if:0)
   # allow outgoing traffic (S/A is implied)
   pass out on $ext_if
   # block all incoming traffic
   block in log on $ext_if
 ## Upgrade the system with binaries  ## Upgrade the system with binaries
 [[!template  id=programlisting text="""  [[!template  id=programlisting text="""

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