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# 1. Status of NetBSD zfs port
NetBSD zfs port is work in progress and can easily panic your system.
# 2. Using NetBSD ZFS port 

## Instalation 

## Configuration

## Administration

# 3. Known Bugs

## Show stoppers 

### amd64
* amd64 zio_root crash
vdev_label_read_config -> zio_root calls zio_wait on a zio_root zio_t. Later zio_execute tries to generate 			
checksum on zio->zio_data which is NULL for a zio_root. Is this ressurrection of andys zio_null problem ? 
because zio_root is basicaly zio_null.
 What is difference between i386 and amd64 version why it is working on i386 and not on a amd64 that can be
### i386 

### Both 
* vnode reclaiming deadlocks 
 This can be fixed by deferring call to zfs_zinactive in zfs_reclaim to another system thread if lock is held.
 But it causes deadlock and we need to investigate if it is caused by this change or by another problem.
 Deadlock backtrace is this
 FreeBSD approach should be investigated why they are doing this differently and why it works for them. They 
 call zfs_zinactive from zfs_freebsd_inactive which is null op for NetBSD.
 zfs umount panic is caused by using FreeBSD approach in zfs_reclaim.

## Functional bugs 
* Snapshots
* Permissions
* Old code, we should update NetBSD zfs port to new code

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