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Line 4  Otherwise known as "Cryo". Line 4  Otherwise known as "Cryo".
 @Cryo on Twitter  @Cryo on Twitter
 Cryo on irc.freenode.net  Cryo on irc.freenode.net
 Cryo+ on plus.google.com  Cryo+ on plus.google.com
   ==Experience of getting NetBSD-7 running on eeepc900==
   *Can not configure network with WIFI with sysinst during install.  Configure network will not use wpa_supplicant or wiconfig and
   does not differentiate between ethernet in WIFI in displaying interfaces.  This gives a false impression that if you configure ath0
   that it will ask for SSID, Encryption Type, and Password and generate /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf as well as add the necessary
   parts to rc.conf.  The fact that wpa_supplicant can't accept this information from the command line and requires a conf file may
   be part of the problem.
   *DRMKMS kernel will choose other display, I guess, because the LCD will go black or weird fade to black.
   *SDCard class 10, seems rather slow on the USB bus, like slower than on other OS I have run on it... is this not enough wakeups
   on the USB driver?

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