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 ## Frequently Given Answers  ## Frequently Given Answers
   "Those who want to do the work, find means.
   Those who don't want to work, find excuses."
   [Sergej Koroljov](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergey_Korolyov)
 ### What happened to wiki.NetBSD.SE  ### What happened to wiki.NetBSD.SE
 Simply put, it was shut down.  Simply put, it was shut down.
Line 22  We should filter them out. Line 26  We should filter them out.
 Progress:  Progress:
 * None yet.  * None yet.
   ### What happened to NetBSD Desktop Project
   Simply put, it didn't take off.
   Don't complain. This is volunteer project, and most of us work on it in our free time.
   In addition there's too much controversy around this Desktop Project,
   everyone has his own vision of what it should be.
   If you want to help with it, you have to work on it yourself.
   At last, this is what most of us do with respect to other projects.
   If you have some clear vision what is useful,
   and you understand what you can do about it,
   you can try contacting me.
   All I can promise is some passive help with it, it is all for now,
   but it should be enough for you, if you're really going to help.
   Some links on Desktop Project:
   * <http://mail-index.netbsd.org/netbsd-desktop>
   * None yet.
   * Wiki page with project ideas vanished. Someone has to dig it out.

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