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#  Introduction

This problem is most common when someone installs a browser in linux emulation, for example www/opera which is only avalible through linux_compat. 

#  Fixing the problem

The problem is, that the emulated Linux system's font cache is empty, thus you can't use your fonts installed in NetBSD. Its quite easy to fix actualy. 

##  Installing Linux fontconfig

Look for which package you will need: 
    $ pkgfind fontconfig|grep ^emulators
    emulators/suse100_fontconfig: Linux compatibility package for fontconfig
    emulators/suse91_fontconfig: Linux compatibility package for fontconfig

You will need _emulators/suse100_fontconfig_ on i386 and _suse100_32_fontconfig_ on amd64 architecture. **FIXME**

Install it from packages or from pkgsrc. You can find more on installing in the documention or in the wiki. 

##  Running fc-cache

The only thing you have to do after installing it is the following: 

It will regenerate the font cache in the compat system. 

To ensure fonts have been cached in the compat system, you can use the following command : 

You may use your fonts antialiased with linux_compat now 

##  If it doesn't work

Still ugly fonts? 

If you use modular xorg, you may also need to link /usr/pkg to /usr/X11R6 : 
     ln -s /usr/pkg /usr/X11R6

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