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#  Things needed 

A NetBSD/i386 installation. A Maple install cd (hybrid version for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux). 

A linux emulation package. procfs turned on. 

I use Maple 10 on NetBSD 3.1 with the suse10 package from pkgsrc. 

#  Install Maple 

Mount the CD. 

From the user that will be using the maple install: run installMapleLinuxSU from the root directory on the CD. 

Follow through the steps. Remember to choose an install folder you have write access to. I will use my home folder. 

Upon finishing the install process you will be asked to activate Maple. I advise that you activate it now instead of trying to later. 

Quit the installer. 

#  Tell Maple your OS 

Maple uses [[basics/uname]] to detect the system type. Running Maple now will result in it telling you that your operating system is unsupported. We need to tell Maple that our system is linux so we can run it under emulation. 

Using your favorite text editor open the file ~/maple##/bin/maple.system.type 

This file is a script that runs at startup. Looking at the file we see that many different system types can be detected and launched. The one we wish to use is bin.IBM_INTEL_LINUX 

There are two ways of doing this: 

1: We can add a NetBSD section to the script. Just sneak it in under the Darwin entry: 
    	   # the OSX case

2: Add one line just above the bottom: 
    # END LINE
    echo $MAPLE_BIN
    exit 0

#  Launch Maple 

From the ~/maple##/bin directory launch either maple or xmaple. 

Enjoy your NetBSD Maple math fun! 

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