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1.2       schmonz     1: #  System Requirements 
                      3:   * a DVD compatible reader 
                      4:   * any multimedia player (for example, xine or mplayer) 
                      5:   * an internet connection to fetch libdvdcss files required for descrambling 
                      7: #  Introduction 
                      9: CSS ([Content Scrambling System]( is a scheme mainly used by copyrights holders to protect commercial [instructional dvds]( from unauthorized copying, by literally scrambling the DVDs' content through a (weak) encryption process. 
                     12: By default, under NetBSD, when installing xine or mplayer to read commercial's DVDs, the libdvdcss (needed by libavcodec to decipher the DVD's content) is not built. This guide will show you how to make and install the libdvdcss package in order to use it. 
                     14: **Please note that under certain legislations, such method is forbidden (especially in the US thanks to DMCA). Use libdvdcss at your own risk!**
                     16: #  Building and using libdvdcss 
                     18: Libdvdcss is already present for installation in pkgsrc. As it is illegal in certain states, pkgsrc can not install it directly without some user interaction. 
1.6     ! kim        20: Before making it, we will first need to add some information to [[!template id=man name="mk.conf" section="5"]], namely the master sites from which we should fetch the libdvdcss source code. There are many, including the videolan project, which hosts libdvdcss: 
1.2       schmonz    21:     
1.4       sevan      22:     # echo "LIBDVDCSS_MASTER_SITES='the website you found'" >> /etc/mk.conf
1.2       schmonz    23: 
                     24: Now, start building libdvdcss (should not take more than a couple minutes): 
                     26:     # cd /usr/pkgsrc/multimedia/libdvdcss
                     27:     # make install clean
1.6     ! kim        30: That's it. From now on, libavcodec (and consequently, your favorite multimedia reader) should automagically use libdvdcss to read your commercial's DVDs, through [[!template id=man name="dlopen" section="3"]], when required. 
1.2       schmonz    31: 

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