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1.1     ! mspo        1: The following article (attached here as a PDF) is the body of the article that appeared in the 2/2009 issue of BSD Magazine. It describes how to install NetBSD on the Kurobox Pro, using a patch provided by Kiyohara. The article was written to use Cygwin for the build environment (see Hillary, Sir Edmund - "Why I climbed the mountain"), but should work just as well with real versions of *nix.
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        !             3: [[BuildingNetBSDwithCygwin PostedOnWiki.pdf|images/BuildingNetBSDwithCygwin_PostedOnWiki.pdf]]
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        !             5: If I get the time, I'll make it into a real wiki article. Meanwhile, enjoy.
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        !             7: Note: At least for the time being, you can download the entire magazine from []( 

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