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Line 17  DTrace is a work-in-progress effort and  Line 17  DTrace is a work-in-progress effort and 
 You can currently run a hello world DScript.   You can currently run a hello world DScript. 
   ## TODO for netbsd-7
   * Rename provider modules to `dtrace_*.kmod`: `dtrace_fbt.kmod`, &c.
   * Measure effect of `options KDTRACE_HOOKS` on system performance.
   * Determine whether the profile module works and list it here.
   * Put a dtrace target in /dev/MAKEDEV.
   ## TODO for netbsd-6
   Need to identify changes to pull up to netbsd-6 and pull them up.
   * Profile provider.
   * Syscall provider.
 # How to use  # How to use
 ##  Building DTrace   ##  Building DTrace 

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