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To blank your screen on the console, the command [screenblank(1)]( is what you need. It is part of the base system, so you don't need to install it. 

# screenblank

This will activate blanking with a default of 600 Seconds (10 Minutes). If you wish to activate it in another time interval use the -d Option. 
    # screenblank -d 300

#  Known Problems 

If you are using screenblank on a filesystem that is mounted with noatime/nodevmtime (such as a system running off of a compact flash card), screenblank will not properly time out when you set -d, nor will it receive keyboard inputs to wake. Often on small devices that do not have a hardware method of turning off the screen, this can be problematic and actually lock you out of a session until you reboot. Thus, the following is a known "safe" method for blanking a small devices screen even with noatime/nodevmtime: 
    /usr/sbin/screenblank -d 0 -e 0 && read
    /usr/bin/pkill screenblank

#  Additional Information 

  * [screenblank(1)]( Manpage 

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