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Simplify use of this page (so the mk.conf hunk can be copied, and
then explain it). mention supported archs.

    1: This page explains how to use clang with the NetBSD base system.
    2: See also [how to use clang to build packages](../pkgsrc/clang/).
    4: Since NetBSD 6, the base system has included clang, but it is not
    5: built or used by default. To use it, set in mk.conf
    7:     MKGCC=no
    8:     MKLLVM=yes
    9:     HAVE_LLVM=yes
   10:     CLANGBASE=/usr
   12: And run " release". This will apply for both pkgsrc and base.
   14: This will work on ARM, PowerPC, x86, and possibly SPARC64.
   16: MKGCC=no	needed as building GCC alongside is not maintained.  
   17: MKLLVM=yes	builds LLVM libraries.  
   18: HAVE_LLVM=yes	controls clang being built  
   19: CLANGBASE=/usr	instructs pkgsrc where to look for the compiler
   21: # status
   23: On NetBSD-current, clang builds successfully on several architectures.
   24: These builds are with all three of the above flags enabled.

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