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Wed Feb 18 16:00:10 2015 UTC (7 years, 11 months ago) by gson
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Heavy-handed cleanup of the pages related to kernel debugging with
QEMU.  There are two such pages: didn't actually
contain any instructions for debugging with qemu, despite the name,
only instructions for creating a hard disk image for use qith qemu,
and even those where incomplete., on the other
hand, did contain instructions for debugging with qemu, with two
alternative methods for setting up the disk image, one of which was a
duplicate of the incomplete instructions in kernel_debugging_with_qemu.

I have now updated the qemu debugging instructions to work with recent
versinos of qemu and -current, tested them on both NetBSD and Linux
hosts, and moved them to the kernel_debugging_with_qemu page to make
the page title better match the content.  I also removed the
incomplete disk image creation instructions (from both places).  The
netbsd_kernel_development_setup page is hereby obsoleted and now
contains only a reference to the kernel_debugging_with_qemu page.

## NetBSD setup
* [[X11]]
* [[Services]]

## Guide and HOWTOs
* [[Optical media]]
* [[set-up raidframe]]
* [[LaTeX in NetBSD]]
* [[How to use snapshots]]

## Virtualization
* [Xen HOWTO](../../ports/xen/howto/)
* [[Amazon EC2]]
* [[how_to_set_up_a_guest_os_using_xen3]]
* [[how to set up a Xen Dom0 running NetBSD 6.1|how to set up a xen dom0]]

## pkgsrc
* [[pkgsrc]]

## System
* [[How to enable and run DTrace]]
* [[How to create an L2TP IPSEC tunnel between an Android or iPhone or iOS device to NetBSD]]
* [[How to increase ulimit with rc.conf]]

## Developing NetBSD

The tutorials above are aimed at using NetBSD; this section is about
improving it.

### Userland
* [[curses in NetBSD]]

### Kernel
* [[Kernel debugging with QEMU]]

### Testing
* [[atf]]
* [[Continuous_building_and_testing_netbsd_with_buildbot]]

### Procedural
* [[Developer Key Signing]]

## everything (automatic index)
[[!map pages="tutorials/*" ]]

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