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Add a template to describe projects in a more semantical manner.  This will
allow us later on to generate indexes for projects automatically.

<TMPL_IF NAME="title">
[[!meta title="<TMPL_VAR NAME=raw_title>"]]

* Contact: <TMPL_VAR NAME="raw_contact">
<TMPL_IF NAME="mentors">* Mentors: <TMPL_VAR NAME="raw_mentors"></TMPL_IF>
<TMPL_IF NAME="duration">* Duration estimate: <TMPL_VAR NAME="raw_duration"></TMPL_IF>

<TMPL_VAR NAME="description">

[[!tag project]]
# Project template description

The *project* template provides a consistent set of variables and tags
to define a project proposal and/or specification.

The following parameters are supported:

- title (required)
- contact (required)
- mentors (optional)
- duration (optional)
- description (required)

The following tags should be set to classify the project into different

- *funded*: Use this tag if the project has been preapproved for funding
   by The NetBSD Foundation.
- *gsoc*: Use this tag to denote a project suitable for the Google
   Summer of Code program.  If you set this tag, the project must
   provide a set of mentors and its duration has to be 3 months.


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