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   <TMPL_IF NAME="name">
 ## <TMPL_VAR NAME="title">  ## <TMPL_VAR NAME="title">
 <TMPL_VAR NAME="contact">  <TMPL_VAR NAME="contact">
Line 11 Line 12
 <TMPL_VAR NAME="duration">  <TMPL_VAR NAME="duration">
 <TMPL_IF skills>[[!tag <TMPL_VAR skills]]</TMPL_IF>  [[!tag <TMPL_VAR NAME="skills">]]
 <TMPL_IF difficulty>[[!tag <TMPL_VAR difficulty]]</TMPL_IF>  [[!tag <TMPL_VAR NAME="difficulty">]]
 <TMPL_IF funded>[[!tag <TMPL_VAR funded]]</TMPL_IF>  [[!tag <TMPL_VAR NAME="funded">]]
 ## Description  ## Description
Line 34  This template will make a standard proje Line 37  This template will make a standard proje
 - skills  - skills
 ... and any other thing you may come up with.  ... and any other thing you may come up with.

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