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fixup for port template and add sparc port page -- still needs a ton of conversion to markdown

<TMPL_IF NAME="port">
[[!meta title="NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port>"]]

# <TMPL_IF thumbnail><img src=<TMPL_VAR thumbnail> alt="<TMPL_VAR port> thumbnail image"/></TMPL_IF>

## About NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port>
<TMPL_VAR about>

## Release Info
* [NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> <TMPL_VAR cur_rel> via FTP](<TMPL_VAR cur_rel>/<TMPL_VAR port>/ "NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> FTP")
* [NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> <TMPL_VAR cur_rel> INSTALL notes](<TMPL_VAR cur_rel>/<TMPL_VAR port>/INSTALL.html "NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> INSTALL notes")
* [NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> <TMPL_VAR cur_rel> pre-build binary packages from pkgsrc](<TMPL_VAR port>/<TMPL_VAR changes_cur>/ "NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> pkgsrc binary packages")
* [NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> <TMPL_VAR changes_cur> changes](<TMPL_VAR changes_cur>.html#port-<TMPL_VAR port> "NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> <TMPL_VAR changes_cur> changes")
* [NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> <TMPL_VAR changes_future> changes](<TMPL_VAR changes_future>.html#port-<TMPL_VAR port> "NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> <TMPL_VAR changes_future> changes")

## Mailing List
* The [NetBSD/<TMPL_VAR port> mailing list](<TMPL_VAR port> "<TMPL_VAR port>mailing list"), covering NetBSD's port to <TMPL_VAR port> machine:

<a href="<TMPL_VAR port>">subscribe</a>
<a href="<TMPL_VAR port>/">archive</a>

<TMPL_IF supported_hardware>
## Supported Hardware
<TMPL_VAR supported_hardware>

<TMPL_IF unsupported_hardware>
## Unsupported Hardware
<TMPL_VAR unsupported_hardware>

<TMPL_IF additional>
## Additional Info
<TMPL_VAR additional>

# Ports page template

The *port* template is used to make the ports pages very easy

It supports the following parameters:

- port (required)
- about (required)
- cur_rel (required)
- future_rel (required)
- changes_cur (required)
- changes_future (required)
- thumbnail (optional)
- supported_hardware (optional)
- unsupported_hardware (optional)
- additional (optional)


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