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use ESCAPE=URL where appropriate, some NAME=".." and
DEFAULT="..." instead of IF/ELSE

    1: <TMPL_IF NAME="name">[<TMPL_VAR NAME="name"><TMPL_IF NAME="section">\(<TMPL_VAR NAME="section">\)</TMPL_IF>](<TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=URL NAME="name">+<TMPL_IF NAME="section"><TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=URL NAME="section"></TMPL_IF><TMPL_IF NAME="arch">.<TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=URL NAME="arch"></TMPL_IF>+<TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=URL NAME="collection" DEFAULT="NetBSD-current">)<TMPL_ELSE>
    2: Use this template to create a manpage link. The template can use four parameters:
    3: <ul>
    4: <li>`name` - This required parameter is the name of the manpage.</li>
    5: <li>`section` - This recommended parameter is the manpage section.</li>
    6: <li>`arch` - This optional parameter is the machine architecture.</li>
    7: <li>`collection` - This optional parameter refers to the NetBSD version and defaults to "NetBSD-current".</li>
    8: </ul>
    9: </TMPL_IF>

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