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 <a href="http://netbsd.gw.com/cgi-bin/man-cgi?<TMPL_VAR name>+<TMPL_VAR section><TMPL_IF NAME="arch">.<TMPL_VAR arch></TMPL_IF>+<TMPL_IF NAME="collection"><TMPL_VAR collection></TMPL_ELSE>NetBSD-current</TMPL_IF>"><TMPL_VAR name><TMPL_IF NAME="section">(<TMPL_VAR section>)</TMPL_IF></a>  [[!templatebody  <<ENDBODY
   [<TMPL_VAR NAME="name"><TMPL_IF NAME="section">(<TMPL_VAR NAME="section">)</TMPL_IF>](http://netbsd.gw.com/cgi-bin/man-cgi?<TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=URL NAME="name">+<TMPL_IF NAME="section"><TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=URL NAME="section"></TMPL_IF><TMPL_IF NAME="arch">.<TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=URL NAME="arch"></TMPL_IF>+<TMPL_VAR ESCAPE=URL NAME="collection" DEFAULT="NetBSD-current">)<TMPL_UNLESS name>
   ## Description
   Use this template to create a man page link. The template can use four parameters:
   * `name` - This required parameter is the name of the manpage.
   * `section` - This recommended parameter is the manpage section.
   * `arch` - This optional parameter is the machine architecture.
   * `collection` - This optional parameter refers to the NetBSD version and defaults to "NetBSD-current".
   ## Examples
   Link to [[!template id=man name="ls"]] man page:
           \[[!template id=man name="ls"]]
   Link to [[!template id=man name="ls" section="1"]] man page, with section:
           \[[!template id=man name="ls" section="1"]]
   Link to [[!template id=man name="ls" section="1" arch="i386"]] man page, specifying section and architecture:
           \[[!template id=man name="ls" section="1" arch="i386"]]
   Link to [[!template id=man name="ls" section="1" arch="i386" collection="NetBSD-5.0"]] man page, specifying section, architecture and collection:
           \[[!template id=man name="ls" section="1" arch="i386" collection="NetBSD-5.0"]]

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