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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] page.tmpl 1.73 4 months jnemeth Welcome to 2022!
[TXT] port.mdwn 1.30 20 months leot Fix ISO and USB anchors in non-port_var cases. Noticed by Rocky Hotas, thanks!
[TXT] man.mdwn 1.23 20 months kim Use
[TXT] pkg.mdwn 1.7 6 years schmonz Does this extra newline help?
[TXT] pr.mdwn 1.7 6 years schmonz Does this extra newline help?
[TXT] programlisting.mdwn 1.7 12 years jym Use raw value of text.
[TXT] project-test.mdwn 1.7 10 years wiki web commit by mspo
[TXT] project.mdwn 1.6 10 years jmmv Add the ability to mark projects as "done" by setting the "done_by" template att...
[TXT] searchform.tmpl 1.4 3 years maya Don't use searchform id for <form> (going to use it for <li>)
[TXT] summit.mdwn 1.3 6 years wiki web commit by martin: cosmetics
[TXT] filecontent.mdwn 1.2 11 years wiki web commit by jym
[TXT] new_page.mdwn 1.1 11 years schmonz Admonish the user of this form to stick to lowercase, and make it easier to DTRT...
[TXT] note.mdwn 1.1 12 years schmonz add stray file marked for Add but not yet added (how'd it get there?) on the the...
[TXT] popup.mdwn 1.1 12 years jym Add the popup template. Appeared in the template directory, but was not yet adde...

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