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## Details

There will be a NetBSD developer summit the day before EurBSDCon in Stockholm this year:

Friday, 2015-10-02, at:

    Tulegatan 11, 3rd floor,
    Stockholm, Sweeden
(See [[]])

Times are not fixed yet, but assume 10:00 to 16:00 for now.

### NetBSD Dinner
We plan to join the SUNET monthly beer event after the main summit, and later either split up for different meal preferences (optionally meeting again later for more beverages), or, if we can find a place and get enough votes for this option, try to organize a group dinner at some restaurant. Please enter your choice and optional meal preferences in the attandents table below.

## Planning to attend?

[[!table data="""
First Last | `login@` | prefer group dinner? | meal preferences | comment(s)
Martin Husemann | martin | yes | eating everything tasty |
Fredrik Pettai | pettai | yes | rather quality than quantity |

## Planning to present something?

[[!table data="""
Speaker  |Title
`login@` |_Very Interesting Thing_

## Discussions

## Varia

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