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 N.B.: this year's conference will feature [lots of NetBSD- and  N.B.: this year's conference will feature [lots of NetBSD- and
 rumpkernel-related talks](http://2014.eurobsdcon.org/talks-and-schedule/)!  rumpkernel-related talks](http://2014.eurobsdcon.org/talks-and-schedule/)!
   ### NOTE: NetBSD Dinner v.s. official organized dinner confusion: they are now the same!
   After some initial confusion the conference organization committee suggested
   the NetBSD dinner should be a NetBSD table at the official organized dinner,
   which solves some confusion with registration and also gives us organized
   So if you have already registered for the official dinner, everything is
   fine. If not, you will be able to pay cash at the event.
 ## Planning to attend?  ## Planning to attend?
 [[!table data="""  [[!table data="""

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