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[[!meta title="EuroBSDCon 2013 NetBSD Summit"]]

Held on September 27, 2013 in Malta.

Attendees, in alphabetical order:

* Adrian Steinmann `ast@`
* Alistair Crooks `agc@`
* Bernd Ernesti `veego@`
* Christoph Badura `bad@`
* Guillaume Lasmayous `gls@`
* Joerg Sonnenberger `joerg@`
* Julian Coleman `jdc@`
* Masanobu SAITOH `msaitoh@`
* Michael van Elst `mlelstv@`
* Mindaugas Rasiukevicius `rmind@`
* Petra Zeidler `spz@`
* Pierre Pronchery `khorben@`
* Soren Jorvang `soren@`
* Valery Ushakov `uwe@`

(`rmind@`, `spz@`, and `mlelstv@` were a bit late due to late flight arrivals.)

## Short Talks

[[!table data="""
`khorben@`|_EdgeBSD (Experience with git, Pkg-signing in pkgsrc, Modular Xorg)_
`uwe@`|_NetBSD & VirtualBox_
`joerg@`|_Bulk builds of pkgsrc_
`msaitoh@`|_IIJ SA-W1 Port (not in NetBSD CVS yet)_, _TNF candidates from Japan_

## Discussions

## Varia

Dinner at Il Pirata was better than Mama Maltese but service abysmal.

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