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[[!meta title="EuroBSDCon 2022 NetBSD Summit"]]

## Details

We will try to organise a NetBSD (and pkgsrc) summit at the EuroBSDCon 2022 in Vienna. After a longer break and remote event, this will be an in-person event. The EuroBSDCon take place from September 15-18, 2022 in Vienna.

Additional details about the conference could be found at the official website: <>

We met on the day 2 of Tutorials (16 September 2022) in the room reserved for Track 2 (room 2B).

The stream was performed and announced by [@BSDTV]( "BSDTV (@BSDTV) / Twitter") on Twitter at <>.

### NetBSD Dinner

Table reserved at ra’mien, Gumpendorferstr. 9, 1060 Wien on Friday, September 16, at 19h.

## Planning to attend?

Please add yourself to the table so it helps everybody for planing the event.

[[!table data="""
First Last | `login@` | join dinner? | comment(s)
Benny | `bsiegert@` | yes | n/a
Jörg | `joerg@` | yes | …
Pierre | `khorben@` | yes | …
Maya | `maya@` | yes | -
Nia | `nia@` | vegan options? definitely | -
Taylor | `riastradh@` | yes | -
Stephen | `sborrill@` | yes | -
Thomas | `wiz@` | yes | …
Adrian | `ast@` | yes | …

## Planning to present something?

[[!table data="""
Speaker  |Title
`bsiegert@` | _Go is in trouble_ - on recent changes about the Go platorm policy and persistent, hard-to-diagnose bugs in NetBSD and/or the Go platform support
`khorben@` |_BSD Driver Harmony_ - on an initiative to bring the (major) BSD projects closer in terms of driver development and maintenance [[Slides (PDF)]( Drivers.pdf "BSD Drivers.pdf")]
`nia@` |_NetBSD 10: 3 Years in the Making_ - attempt to explore notable new features, how the sausage is made in releng, instability during the process, and community disputes, compromises (plus, you know the good parts)

## Discussions

### Debugging suspend/resume or graphics failures

* `drvctl -R`, `drvctl -S` for specific drivers or buses
* Improving crash dumps (same kernel issue, performance/zero pages issue)
* Setting up watchdogs at boot? (hardware, software)

### Blockers for NetBSD 10

* Extended attributes (EA) for FFS (related to the superblock)
* Update tool for EA will be relevant for 10
* Patch from Chuck Silvers (where?)

### Other issues with -current

* Crashy X applications, and weird trackpad on pinebook (to diagnose, should test with wsmoused)

### Ideas for NetBSD 11

* USB audio 2 (see wiki page for converting USB drivers to wireless, <>)
* Converting wireless drivers (see <>)
  * Would be great to do `athn(4)`
  * Some hardware is hard to find, like `wi(4)`
* Better clock mechanism (related to Go’s performance issues)

## Varia
1. PGP Key signing or is that going out of style? - [ast@](

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