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[[!meta title="AsiaBSDCon 2015 NetBSD BoF"]]

[NetBSD BOF 2015](

* Day 2: Room E 2015/3/13 18:30-21:00
* [streaming](
+ Taylor R Campbell (riastradh@), A brief overview of DRM/KMS and its status in NetBSD. [slides(pdf)](
+ Kazuya Goda - Development of vxlan(4) using rump kernel. [slides(pdf)](
+ Makoto Fujiwara (mef@), List of packages to be updated out of 12,000. [slides](
+ Jun Ebihara (jun@), RPI/RPI2/Cubieboard2/BananaPI images.
+ Ryo Onodera (ryoon@),How to package github softwares. [slides(odp)]( [slides(pdf)](

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