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document current state (src has it, pkgsrc still doesn't)

[[!if test="enabled(shortcut)"
     then="This wiki has shortcuts **enabled**."
     else="This wiki has shortcuts **disabled**."]]

Some examples of using shortcuts include:

	\[[!google foo]]
	\[[!wikipedia War_of_1812]]
	\[[!debbug 12345]]
	Check the \[[!google ikiwiki desc="google search for %s"]].

This page controls what shortcut links the wiki supports.

* [[!shortcut name=google url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=archive url="*/%S"]]
* [[!shortcut name=gmap url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=gmsg url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=wikipedia url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=wikitravel url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=wiktionary url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=debbug url="" desc="Debian bug #%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=deblist url="" desc=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=debpkg url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=debpkgsid url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=debpts url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=debmsg url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=debrt url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=debss url=""]]
  * Usage: `\[[!debss package]]` or `\[[!debss package/version]]`.  See <> for details.
* [[!shortcut name=debwiki url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=fdobug url="" desc=" bug #%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=fdolist url="" desc=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=gnomebug url="" desc="GNOME bug #%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=linuxbug url="" desc="Linux bug #%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=mozbug url="" desc="Mozilla bug #%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=gnulist url="" desc=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=marcmsg url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=marclist url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=gmane url="" desc="gmane.%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=gmanemsg url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=cpan url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=ctan url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=hoogle url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=iki url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=ljuser url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=rfc url="" desc="RFC %s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=c2 url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=meatballwiki url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=emacswiki url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=haskellwiki url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=dict url="*&Database=*&Query=%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=imdb url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=gpg url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=perldoc url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=whois url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=cve url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=flickr url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=man url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=ohloh url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=cpanrt url="" desc="CPAN RT#%s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=novellbug url="" desc="bug %s"]]
* [[!shortcut name=ubupkg url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=mozillazinekb url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=freebsdwiki url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=hackage url=""]]

To add a new shortcut, use the `shortcut`
[[ikiwiki/directive]]. In the url, "%s" is replaced with the
text passed to the named shortcut, after [[!wikipedia url_encoding]]
it, and '%S' is replaced with the raw, non-encoded text. 
Additionally, `%W` is replaced with the text encoded just right for
Wikipedia. The optional `desc` parameter controls the description of
the link.

Remember that the `name` you give the shortcut will become a new
[[ikiwiki/directive]].  Avoid using a `name` that conflicts
with an existing directive.  These directives also accept a `desc`
parameter that will override the one provided at definition time.

If you come up with a shortcut that you think others might find useful,
consider contributing it to the [shortcuts page on the ikiwiki
wiki](, so that future versions of
ikiwiki will include your shortcut in the standard underlay.


# Shortcuts specific to this wiki

* [[!shortcut name=nbbug url=""]]
* [[!shortcut name=nbcvsweb url=""]]

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