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[[!meta title="NetBSD 9.0 preliminary tasklist"]]

## PRs worth fixing


## Features to finish/implement

* IPF/PF deprecation in favour of NPF
   - TODO: docs, what features to add to NPF ...
   - variants of [[!template id=pr number=48214]] "clearing WDCTL_RST failed" during boot
   - ~~[[!template id=pr number=52783]] parallel fsck hangs during boot of 8.99.[5678]~~
   - [[!template id=pr number=52614]] qemu virtual CD-ROM reports read errors since recent wdc changes
   - [[!template id=pr number=53183]] System stops servicing I/O requests and eventually deadlocks
* UBC using direct map working on amd64 and alpha
* XEN AVX working - [[!template id=pr number=50332]] AVX instructions don't work but OSXSAVE flag is set
* Kernel Address Sanitizer
* compiler-rt in the base with enabled features for Clang/LLVM
* address failing ptrace(2) tests, cover the remaining scenarios (there are planned ~2k ATF tests total for the elementary functionality)
* rework semantics of threading operations in ptrace(2)
* LVM mirror target

## Nice to have

* gcc 8+ from a sanitizers point of view
* arm: GENERIC kernel config for armv7 boards.
* arm64: Support for servers following SBSA/SBBR standards


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