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 * ~~~add NVMM~~~ (done)  * ~~~add NVMM~~~ (done)
 * ~~~plug kernel pointer leaks~~~ (done)  * ~~~plug kernel pointer leaks~~~ (done)
 * ~~~fix Nouveau, some GPUs stopped working after the update~~~ (done)  * ~~~fix Nouveau, some GPUs stopped working after the update~~~ (done)
   * umb(4) confirmed working with network traffic
   * [Revert pmax switch to common MIPS bus_space and bus_dma](https://releng.netbsd.org/cgi-bin/req-8.cgi?show=154)
 ## Nice to have  ## Nice to have
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 ...  ...
 ## Release notes (top)  
 * Support for Aarch64 (ARM 64-bit) machines. The aarch64 port should work on many Allwinner machines,  
 SBSA/SBBR compatible servers. It supports multiple processors, including in a big.LITTLE configuration, ACPI and UEFI.  
 It uses a single kernel to support a large amount of boards with the help of ACPI+UEFI or FDT.  
 * Updated graphical acceleration support from Linux 4.4.    
   Intel graphics including Kaby Lake. Nouveau and radeon.  
 * bwfm(4) - Broadcom Full-MAC wireless driver (from OpenBSD)  
 * ena(4) - Amazon.com Elastic Network Adapter (from FreeBSD)  
 * ISDN support removed  
 ## Release notes (next)  
 * GCC 6.5.0  
 * LLVM 7.0.0  
 * OpenSSL 1.1.1a  
 * OpenSSH 7.8  

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