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 ## PRs worth fixing  ## PRs worth fixing
 * TBD  (carried over from netbsd8)
   * ~~[[!template id=pr number=53053]]: non-MULTIPROCESSOR hangs building Go~~ (still reproducable with newer go?)  
     [[!template id=pr number=53173]]: "go test net/http" locks up the machine (both PRs tied /!\ )
   * [[!template id=pr number=53016]]: Clock not stable /!\
   * [[!template id=pr number=53017]]: Kernel panics every now and then with "fpusave_lwp: did not" message
   * [[!template id=pr number=53155]]: Wedge after <12h uptime when >2 bnx network interfaces in use /!\
   * [[!template id=pr number=53161]]: ATF test runs leave a rump_server process around
   * [[!template id=pr number=53286]]: hdaudio(4), iwm(4) and rtsx(4) detections fail in UEFI case /!\
   * [[!template id=pr number=53291]]: GPT prevents installation
   ## Bug Bountys
   PRs in the above list marked with /!\ are show stoppers and have a bug bounty of $100 attached.
   If you find a solution for one of the marked issues that leads to closing of the PRs, we will get
   in touch with you.
 ## Features to finish/implement  ## Features to finish/implement
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 * LVM mirror target  * LVM mirror target
 * add NVMM  * add NVMM
 * plug kernel pointer leaks  * plug kernel pointer leaks
   * fix Nouveau, some GPUs stopped working after the update
 ## Nice to have  ## Nice to have
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 * arm: GENERIC kernel config for armv7 boards.  * arm: GENERIC kernel config for armv7 boards.
 * arm64: Support for servers following SBSA/SBBR standards  * arm64: Support for servers following SBSA/SBBR standards
 * ~~~updated graphics drivers~~~ (done)  * ~~~updated graphics drivers~~~ (done)
   - investigate nouveau?  
 * PVHVM and PVH  * PVHVM and PVH

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