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"embarassing" is quite an embarrassing typo.

    1: ## NetBSD 7.0 Planning 
    3: Possible discussion topics, from an email to releng written by Alistair Crooks on 20130317:
    5: 1.  Other TCP congestion control algorithms like HTCP and cubic. 
    6: Lunix has moved to cubic, it's in FreeBSD but not turned on by
    7: default.  Don't know of anyone working on this.  Someone needs to.
    9: 2.  Be good to get John Eaglesham's SYN cookie stuff into 7.0.  Been
   10: proposed twice on tech-net.  John worked for me at Yahoo!, I asked him
   11: to do it.
   13: 3. Top of kernel virtualisation, like bad's gaols or mult. gaols aren't
   14: complete, code from 2008 in ~bad/gaols/ on morden. mult code from 2007
   15: is on tech-kern: 
   17:     <>
   19: 4. Some TLC for usermode would be nice
   21: 5. valgrind - I've made a start, and have it running on NetBSD/i386, but
   22: it maps to the wrong place, and I ran out of cycles. Please contact me
   23: for more details, I can give access to a repo
   25: 6. I think Martin was going to one of the SCTP developers to look into
   26: providing SCTP on NetBSD.
   28: 7. We now have PGP signature verification via netpgpverify with no
   29: external libs or dependencies - see pkgsrc/security/netpgpverify, I will
   30: import into src real soon now. Means that we could look at an installer
   31: which verified sets against signatures, some other uses for it too -
   32: certainly there are on the pkgsrc side, with binary packages etc.
   33: I can think of an audit-system, and binary packages to plug vulnerabilities
   34: and such too (we got rid of the vanity kernels in 5.0 timeframe, and I
   35: think that few people want to use anything except GENERIC these days).
   37: 8. I've a whole raft of stuff in othersrc - I'd like feedback if it should
   38: go into src, remain in othersrc, or just not interested.
   40: 9. I would like to get symbol versioning into our libs (maybe not them all
   41: but it does make sense to do them all at same time) in time for 7.0. Code
   42: taken from FreeBSD, but not the way they version symbols, which is unusual
   43: (RELENG pls note). This would allow us to bump libc major.
   45: 10.  Update ZFS to a less embarrassing version before 7 (RELENG pls note)
   46: I know of no-one working on this.
   48: 11. Some more modules, TLC and love for LVM. I know of no-one working on
   49: this.
   51: 12. Would like to look at a systematic way of providing images for 7.0.
   52: riz does the amazon ones, would be great to get vmware, citrix/xen, qemu
   53: others out there as first class citizens when 7.0 is announced.
   55: 13. Is anyone doing profiling of 7.0? I suspect there are big slowdowns
   56: which would love to be found and teased out - riastradh mentioned one
   57: in the file system transaction code, I think?

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