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[[!meta title="Release Engineering"]]

# NetBSD Release Engineering

This page contains various information about NetBSD Release Engineering, including status information about various branches, pointers to release engineering procedures and other documentation, and the status of various branches.

## Next Major Release

The next major release will be NetBSD 10.0 (not branched yet, no schedule)

* [[Preliminary task list for the netbsd-10 branch|netbsd-10]]

## Active Major Releases

### NetBSD 9.x

* Next minor release: NetBSD 9.2 (provisional scheduled for may 12)
  + CVS branch tag: <code>netbsd-9</code>
* [Current pull-up queue for the netbsd-9 branch](

### NetBSD 8.x

* Next minor release: NetBSD 8.3 (no schedule, will happen before the 10.0 release)
  + CVS branch tag: <code>netbsd-8</code>
* [Current pull-up queue for the netbsd-8 branch](

## Automated Status Information

* [Daily build snapshot status](
* [Test results page](

## Developer Documentation

* [Submitting Pull-up requests](

##  Release Engineer Documentation

* [[Pull-up workflow and policies|workflow]]
* [[Long and mid-term releng chores|releng-todo]]

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