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Add ZFS root project

No listed mentor. If you care about this please sign up.

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title="ZFS root support (bootloader and mount_root)"



duration="1-2 months"

This project consists of two parts: getting the bootloader code ("libsa") to
read ZFS filesystems, and enabling mounting ZFS as a root filesystem.

For ZFS bootloader support, fortunately code already exists in the FreeBSD
variant of libsa, so it's a matter of adapting it.


ZFS bootloader:

* Setup test environment for testing bootloader changes, experiment with debug printing in libsa
* Identify & import ZFS libsa code in FreeBSD
* Read a kernel from a ZFS filesystem, while booting into a non-ZFS root.

ZFS as root filesystem:

* Understanding what root mount functions must do
* ???
* Write one for ZFS on NetBSD

Stretch goal:

* Pass a parameter for which ZFS snapshot to boot to, using the bootloader.


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