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title="xhci resume support"


funded=" ($200 expires 1/July/2021), nia ($100), abs ($200, if it fixes Thinkpad T480 too)"
done_by="Maya Rashish, Taylor R. Campbell"

Currently, devices connected via xhci do not work after resume.  
In some cases, this is the only thing missing for a flawless resume experience.  
Since xhci is widespread, this will greatly improve laptop user experience.

nia has added another $100 on to maya's bounty on the condition of perfect suspend
on their Lenovo X250, because this is the only blocker for that in -9.
see [PR 56050](

abs added another $200 for working suspend/resume on a Thinkpad T480
(-current resume does not complete - it prints a few "WARNING: TSC
time went backwards by 2650670841" type lines, not sure of -9 state).



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