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[[!template id=project

title="Create a NetBSD specific version of pygrub"


[John Nemeth](

duration="2 days (for initial support)"

pygrub, which is part of the xentools package, allows booting a
Linux domU without having to keep a copy of the kernel and ramdisk
in the dom0 file system.

What it does is extract the grub.conf from the domU disk, processes
it, and presents a grub like menu.  It then extracts the appropriate
kernel and ramdisk image from the domU disk, and stores temporary
copies of them.  Finally, it creates a file containing:

kernel=<path to kernel image>
ramdisk=<path to ramdisk image>
extras=<kernel parameters>

This file gets processed by xend as if it were part of the domU

Most of the code required to do the NetBSD equivalent should be
available as part of /boot or the libraries it depends on.  The
path to the source code for /boot is:  sys/arch/i386/stand/boot.
""" ]]

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