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This is less difficult as more work has been done.

(Actually runs as MULTIPROCESSOR, but needs some review/fixes)

[[!template id=project

title="Dom0 SMP support"



duration="64 hours"

Abstract: Dom0 is not SMP safe right now. The main culprits are the
backend drivers for blk and netif (and possibly others, such as


* SMP capable dom0


This involves extensive stress testing of the dom0 kernel for
concurrency and SMP workloads. Locking in various backend and other
drivers need to be reviewed, reworked and tested.

Interrupt paths need to be reviewed, and the interrupt handling code
needs to be reworked, potentially. The current event code doesn't
multiplex well on vcpus. This needs reinvestigation.

This is a test/debug heavy task, since MP issues can crop up in
various unrelated parts of the kernel.


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