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title="Port Wine to amd64"


[Maxime Villard](
[Maya Rashish](


The Wine program is made of two components, Wine32 and Wine64, that respectively
allow 32bit or 64bit Windows binaries to run on UNIX-like systems.

Until now, Wine32 could not work on NetBSD-amd64, because the USER_LDT option
was not available in the kernel.

This option was recently added, so Wine32 can now be ported to NetBSD-amd64.


 * Make Wine32 work on amd64. As a first shot, it should be possible to compile
   Wine32 on NetBSD-i386, and launch it on NetBSD-amd64 (which supports running
   native 32bit binaries). At this stage, old Windows video games should work.
 * Make Wine32+Wine64 work on amd64. See the WineHQ wiki on how to achieve
   this. At this stage, 64bit Windows binaries that use 32bit libraries should
 * Package Wine32+Wine64 for pkgsrc.

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