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title="Make NetBSD a supported guest OS under VirtualBox"


[Martin Husemann](

duration="3 months"

[Oracle VM Virtualbox]( is a virtualization platform that already runs NetBSD guest machines fine.

However, there are a few fine tunings missing: mouse and graphics support, better integration via client tools, and maybe
some possible optimizations.

FreeBSD is supported, and the sources are available. Note that the FreeBSD kernel code might have license problems.

As a start there is a pkg of the build tools in pkgsrc/wip already (an ancient version), and Valery Ushakov has patches for current VirtualBox
sources and NetBSD 5, to get the build tools going.

Overall this project is a mixture of various kernel and userland tasks. For GSoC, some of these may be defined as optional - e.g. working X11
should be a target, but could be dropped if other things turn out to be more difficult than expected.

[Technical documentation about VirutalBox](

[Build environment documentation](



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