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    1: [[!template id=project
    3: title="Make NetBSD a supported guest OS under VirtualBox"
    5: contact="""
    6: [tech-kern](,
    7: [tech-x11](
    8: """
   10: mentors="""
   11: [Martin Husemann](
   12: """
   14: category="kernel"
   15: difficulty="medium"
   16: duration="3 months"
   18: description="""
   19: NOTE: this project has been partly completed during GSoC 2013, the remaining cleanup work and tidying is likely not enough work for another GSoC!
   21: [Oracle VM Virtualbox]( is a virtualization platform that already runs NetBSD guest machines fine.
   23: However, there are a few fine tunings missing: mouse and graphics support, better integration via client tools (clipboard sharing, time synchronization), and maybe
   24: some possible optimizations.
   26: FreeBSD is supported, and the sources are available. Note that the FreeBSD kernel code might have license problems.
   28: As a start there is a pkg of the build tools in pkgsrc/wip already (an ancient version), and Valeriy Ushakov has patches for current VirtualBox
   29: sources and NetBSD 5, to get the build tools going.
   31: Overall this project is a mixture of various kernel and userland tasks. For GSoC, some of these may be defined as optional - e.g. working X11
   32: should be a target, but could be dropped if other things turn out to be more difficult than expected. A list of things to check and improve could include:
   34:  * time synchronization
   35:  * proper mouse integration within X (absolute coordinates)
   36:  * shared clipboard support
   37:  * higher video resolutions
   38:  * hardware acceleration (XVideo, DRI...)
   40: You need a machine with hardware virtualization support (VT-x/Intel or AMD-V) for reasonable guest machine speed. Supporting NetBSD fast without this would be possible with a few tweaks, but is not part of this project (and maybe not even a reasonable goal beyound GSoC).
   42: [Technical documentation about VirtualBox](
   44: [Build environment documentation](
   46: [Build tool sources](
   47: """
   49: ]]

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