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 [[!template id=project  [[!template id=project
 title="Port valgrind to NetBSD"  title="Valgrind"
 contact="""  contact="""
 [tech-toolchain](mailto:tech-toolchain@NetBSD.org)  [tech-kern](mailto:tech-kern@NetBSD.org)
 """  """
 mentors="""  category="misc"
 [Christos Zoulas](mailto:christos@NetBSD.org)  difficulty=""
 duration="3 months"  
 description="""  description="""
 [valgrind](http://valgrind.org/) is a code instrumentation framework that can be used to find memory related bugs in programs as well as conduct performance analysis. Valgrind is written for linux, and recently there is has been a MacOS/X port. The code is very much linux specific, and we should talk to the maintainers before starting work on it to find out if they will accept a NetBSD port, and also provide some assistance with the design of a portability layer. We should also do some research to see if we can re-use the [FreeBSD](http://wiki.freebsd.org/Valgrind) port.  Port valgrind to NetBSD for pkgsrc, then use it to do an audit of any memory
 For previous attempt see http://vg4nbsd.berlios.de/  See also <http://valgrind.org> and <http://vg4nbsd.berlios.de> for work in
 """  """
 ]]  ]]
 [[!tag gsoc]]  

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