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Wed Aug 8 00:51:10 2018 UTC (4 years, 3 months ago) by kamil
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Mark 'Kernel Undefined Behavior SANitizer' as finished by myself

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title="Kernel Undefined Behavior SANitizer"


[Kamil Rytarowski](

duration="3 months"
done_by="Kamil Rytarowski"


Port LLVM and GCC kernel UBSan pieces to the NetBSD/amd64 kernel.
Integrate the support with the toolchain inside src/.
Add support for a new kernel option (and perhaps configuration) KUBSAN.

The toolchain support on the LLVM side is done. GCC should work too.


* Build manually the NetBSD kernel against UBSan. Port the needed code from Linux (don't violate the license).
* Ensure that we don't violate the license - either ask for relicense or reimplement the needed code. There is little code for KUBSan.
* Integrate KUBSan with the kernel configuration.
* Execute the kernel, attempt to boot to shell.
* Run ATF tests against the kernel.
* Report bugs.


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