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    1: [[!template id=project
    3: title="Add binary pkg install to sysinst"
    5: contact="""
    6: [tech-pkg](
    7: """
    9: mentors="""
   10: [Thomas Klausner](
   11: """
   13: category="pkgsrc"
   14: difficulty="medium"
   15: duration="3 months"
   16: done_by="various NetBSD developers"
   18: description="""
   19: sysinst, the NetBSD installation tool, should be able to get NetBSD set up with most packages relevant to the end user during the installation step, to make it possible to get a usable system during the initial setup.
   20: The packages might be simple packages like screen or bigger ones like firefox.
   21: Configuration of the packages is not required to happen in sysinst.
   23: A short overview of the steps involved:
   25: * Improve sysinst so it can list a pkgsummary.gz file on the install media and offer to install a subset of them. There should be a chooser included in sysinst where the user can select the packages they want to install.
   27: * There should be some pre-defined sets included with sysinst that define the necessary packages for a Gnome or KDE desktop, so the user just chooses them (possibly just by adding appropriate meta packages to pkgsrc).
   29: * Support fetching a pkgsummary file from a remote host (usually with useful default PATH for architecture/release, but overridable) and offer installations of packages from there as well.
   31: For bonus points (just as last step when the rest works):
   32: * Come up with lists of packages for amd64 to fill a CD or DVD (including the NetBSD base system)
   33: """
   34: ]]
   36: [[!tag gsoc]]

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