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Add support to define funded projects and open the section by adding a
brief description of the "SMP Networking" project.  (I need to extend
this definition, but this will be done later.)

[[!template id=project

title="SMP Networking (aka remove the big network lock)"


funded="The NetBSD Foundation"

Traditionally, the kernel code had been protected by a single, global lock.
This lock ensured that, on a multiprocessor system, two different threads
of execution did not access the kernel concurrently and thus simplified the
internal design of the kernel.  However, such design does not scale to
multiprocessor machines because, effectively, the kernel is restricted to
run on a single processor at any given time.

The NetBSD kernel has been modified to use fine grained locks in many of
its different subsystems, achieving good performance on today's
multiprocessor machines.  Unfotunately, these changes have not yet been
applied to the networking code, which remains protected by the single lock.

The aim of this project is to remove the single lock surrounding the
networking code in the kernel, allowing such code to execute more
efficiently in multiprocessor machines.

This project is sponsored by The NetBSD Foundation as improving the
performance of the networking subsystem in current machines is critical to
maintain the relevance of the NetBSD operating system.

At this time, The NetBSD Foundation is accepting project specifications to
remove the single networking lock.  If you want to apply for this project,
please send your proposal to the contact addresses listed above.  Please
see the [call for
posted to the blog.

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