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title="Secure-PLT - supporting new PLT formats on alpha"


[Christos Zoulas](

duration="3 months"

Currently kernels with options PAX_MPROTECT can not execute dynamically linked binaries on most RISC architectures, because the PLT format defined by the ABI of these architectures uses self-modifying code.

New binutils versions have introduced a different PLT format (enabled with --secureplt) for alpha and powerpc.


* This project (for alpha) is to add support for the new PLT formats introduced in binutils 2.17 and gcc4.1 This will require changes to the dynamic loader (ld.elf_so), various assembly headers, and library files.
* Support for both the old and new formats in the same invocation will be required.
* For all architectures we can improve security by implementing [relro](

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