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title="RAIDframe scrubbing"


[Greg Oster](

duration="two months"

Implement component 'scrubbing' in RAIDframe.

RAIDframe (raid(4)) provides various RAID levels to NetBSD, but currently has
no facilities for 'scrubbing' (checking) the components for read errors.  


* implement a generic scrubbing routine that can be used by all RAID types
* implement RAID-level-specific code for component scrubbing
* add an option to raidctl (raidctl(8)) to allow the system to run the scrubbing as required
* update raidctl (raidctl(8)) documentation to reflect the new scrubbing capabilities, and discuss what scrubbing can and cannot do (benefits and limitations)


* Allow the user to select whether or not to attempt to 'repair' errors
* Actually attempt to repair errors



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