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- title Posix Test Suite Compliance
- contact christos
- done_by (optional): set to the name of the person that completed the project.
  This adds a note to the project mentioning that it has been completed and
  removes it from the indexes.  Do not move project pages or delete them; by
  setting this tag, the URL will remain valid.
- mentors christos
- category: kernel
- difficulty: easy
- funded (optional): set to the name of the organization or individual that
  is willing to fund this project.
- duration: 2 months
- description: Get the opensource posix test suite ( working on NetBSD. This involves:
- 1. Get the code compiling (mostly adding missing sysconf parameters, and portability issues. For the hard missing functionality discuss with mentor - either open PR's or implement).
- 2. Get the code running: Problems include: permission checks (some tests need to be run by root), wrong errno values returned, or incorrect handling of errors. 

- *gsoc*

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