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Add the projects from the website (htdocs/contrib/projects.xml).

At this point, all this is is a "blind conversion" from the xml file to
individual mdwn files.  I did this by using a custom xslt file and some
manual cleanups on the files.

Most of these projects are still misclassified as they do not list the
correct difficulty or the category they list is not yet defined in the
wiki.  Some other projects need to be pruned out due to the lack of
details (or moved to the ideas page).  But this is a "good enough" start
that should allow me to nuke these same projects from htdocs.

[[!template id=project

title="Installable cache control (or scheduling policies)"



The policy code in the kernel that controls file caching and readahead behavior
is necessarily one-size-fits-all, and the knobs available to applications to
tune it, like madvise() and posix_fadvise(), are fairly blunt
hammers. Furthermore, it has been shown that the overhead from user<->kernel
domain crossings makes syscall-driven fine-grained policy control ineffective.

Is it possible to create a BPF-like tool (that is, a small code generator with
very simple and very clear safety properties) to allow safe in-kernel
fine-grained policy control?

Caution: this is a research project.

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