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title="Tool to find dependencies precisely"



duration="3 months"

Dependency handling in pkgsrc is rather complex task.
There exist some cases (TeX packages, Perl packages) where it is
hard to find build dependencies precisely and the whole thing is
handled conservatively. E.g. the whole TeXLive meta-package is
declared a build dependency even when rather small fraction of
it is used actually. Another case is stale heavy dependency
which is no longer required but still listed as prerequisite.

It would be nice to have a tool (or a set of them, if necessary)
to detect which installed packages, libraries or tools were
actually used to build new package. Ideally, the tool should
report files used during configure, build, and test stages,
and packages these files are provided by.

* find or develop a good dependency graph algorithm
* implement and demonstrate your new system in pkgsrc by adding a make target
* expose this algorithm for use by websites such as


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