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Add a project for porting Mancoosi to pkgsrc (or pkgsrc to Mancoosi).

[[!template id=project

title="Port Mancoosi to pkgsrc"


duration="1 month"

[Mancoosi]( is a project to measure distribution quality by 
the number of conflicts in a software distribution environment.

The main work of this project would be to analyse possible incompatibilities of 
pkgsrc and mancoosi (i.e., incompatibilities between Debian and pkgsrc), to 
write a converter from pkg_summary(5) to CUDF (the format used by Mancoosi). You 
will need OCaml for doing so, as the libraries used by Mancoosi are written in 

When you are a French student in the third year of your Bachelor, or first year 
of your Master, you could also do this project as an internship for your 

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