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Mention pkgtasks and how to enable it

[[!template id=project

title="Unify standard installation tasks"


[Thomas Klausner](

duration="3 months"
done_by="Johnny C. Lam"

Instead of including install scripts from the infrastructure into every binary package, just include the necessary information and split the scripts off into a separate package that is installed first (right after bootstrap, as soon as the first package needs it). This affects user creation, installation of tex packages, ...


* identify example packages installing users, groups, and documentation
* demonstrate pkgsrc packages which add users, etc
* Also add support for actions that happen once after a big upgrade session, instead of once per package (e.g. ls-lR rebuild for tex).
* convert some existing packages to use this new framework
* allow options framework to configure these resources per-package

An intermediate step would be to replace various remaining INSTALL scripts by declarative statements and install script snippets using them.

This was implemented via the new pkgtasks framework that can be enabled by
setting in `mk.conf`:


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