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Add missing categories to the "all" index and sprinkle difficulty-level
settings to the projects that lacked them.  The "all" index is now fully

    1: [[!template id=project
    3: title="Unprivileged pkgsrc builds"
    5: contact="""
    6: [tech-pkg](
    7: """
    9: category="pkgsrc"
   10: difficulty="medium"
   12: description="""
   13: To create packages that are usable by anyone, pkgsrc currently requires that
   14: packages be built with superuser privileges. It is already possible to use
   15: pkgsrc in great parts without such privileges, but there haven't been many
   16: thoughts about how the resulting binary packages should be specified. For
   17: example, many packages don't care at all about the owner/group of their files,
   18: as long as they are not publicly overwritable.  In the end, the binary packages
   19: should be as independent from the build environment as possible.
   21: For more information about the current state, see the How to use pkgsrc as
   22: non-root section in the pkgsrc guide,
   23: [Jörg's mail on DESTDIR support](
   24: as well as pkgsrc/mk/
   25: """
   26: ]]

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