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Mon Sep 6 10:26:59 2021 UTC (4 months, 2 weeks ago) by leot
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Add a possible GSoC project to improve pkgsrc MESSAGEs

Based on suggestions by <jperkin> via #pkgsrc.

(Still a bit TODO, but hopefully a student can get an idea about what are the
current problems with MESSAGEs and investigate possible solutions!)

[[!template id=project

title="Improve UI of pkgsrc MESSAGE"

[Leonardo Taccari](,

duration="3 months"

The current UI of pkgsrc MESSAGE as a couple of drawbacks:

 - When installing a lot of packages via `pkg_add` or `pkgin` it is often get
 - When updating packages via `pkg_add` or `pkgin` - also if the `MESSAGE` is
   not changed - it is printed anyway

For possible inspirations please look at OpenBSD ports' pkg-readmes
and/or other package systems.

[[!tag gsoc]]

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